Fair and flexible work in the gastronomy

Grason is a service that can help you find temp work directly with verified restaurants, in just a few clicks and in an easy to use mobile app.

Why work with Grason?


You choose when and where you work › You'll find work opportunities in gastronomy all across Prague in our app. And it's only up to you which you select.


You choose your hourly rate › If the business accepts your rate, we guarantee you'll be paid exactly that amount.


Rate who you work with › After your shift, you'll always rate the establishment. It's thanks to this we're able to ensure you'll only work with first-rate establishments.


Quality assurance › We guarantee you'll do the work you signed up for.


We'll help you sort out all the necessary documentation.

Who will find work?

  1. Busboy

  2. Waiter

  3. Bartender

  4. Chef

  5. Bar-back

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What users say about Grason


Grason allows me to find shorter shifts so I don't have to work twelve hours back to back. And I always end up working with great people.




My favourite part about using Grason is the ease of it -- I don't have to search far and wide for temp work myself, instead receiving daily requests on the app. I also love the ratings system, which allows the restaurant and I to mutually rate each other.



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